This past summer, we announced an all-new version of Simply Safe Dividends that’s completely free for customers to upgrade to. Over 90% of members who’ve tried the new website have chosen to upgrade, and many have said that it’s an enormous improvement over the original site.


If you haven’t given the new website a try yet, I completely understand. Life gets busy. Learning a new website sounds difficult. Or perhaps this is your first time hearing about the new site.


No matter the reason, if you’re still managing your own investment portfolio, I’d really like to see you be successful. And I believe our all-new version of Simply Safe Dividends gives you the best chance at that.


The new website offers a number of improvements over the original site, including:


  • Complete security coverage: the new site covers all U.S. mutual funds, preferred stocks, non-dividend stocks, OTC stocks, cash, and more. See you entire portfolio.
  • Email alerts: whenever any of your holdings raise or lower their payouts, you get an email informing you of the change and how it impacts your annual income stream.
  • Valuation signals: have you ever wondered when to buy or sell a stock? The new site provides historical dividend yield and
  • P/E ratio charts to help you quickly gauge an investment’s timeliness.
  • Portfolio exports: in a single click, export all of your portfolio’s most important data to a spreadsheet.
  • Table headers lock at top of screen: scroll down the page and never forget what information you are looking at.
  • 100% mobile friendly: the site works seamlessly on your tablet, smartphone, or any mobile device.


We spent nearly two years of time and well over $100,000 building the new website. I use it every day to stay on top of my dividend portfolio.


I can drill into my portfolio’s reports to review my income stream, make sure I’m reasonably diversified, see how safe my income looks, identify timely holdings, and more.



One of the other new features I really like is the expanded valuation data. I can see how a stock’s dividend yield and P/E ratio have trended over the last five years to help me avoid overvalued investments.



Upgrading to the new website is completely free — your membership will simply transfer over. There’s no price increase ever, additional fees, or anything like that. The price you currently pay will always remain the same as long as you wish to remain a member.


We’ll even apply a 10% discount to your next renewal as a thank you for taking the time to upgrade!


Now is a great time to check out the new website. With the market’s recent volatility, our site’s portfolio reports and valuation data can help you stay between the guardrails and identify the best opportunities for your portfolio.


You can join over 1,000 other dividend investors using the new website by registering for a trial here:


Try the New Website!


Your portfolio will automatically be imported over to the new website, so you don’t need to worry about any tedious data entry work. You’ll be ready to hit the ground running as soon as you register!


I’m serious about wanting to see you be successful. My business partner Matt and I are personally standing by to answer any questions you have about the new website.


We are here to help! Shoot us an email if you have any questions.


Thank you,




P.S. Here are some frequently asked questions we’ve received about the new website:


Can I keep both versions?
No — an upgrade is a switch to the new website. There’s no obligation to upgrade, though. We’ll continue to improve the new version, so if you don’t feel it’s a good fit today, you’ll be welcome to try out the new version again in the future.


Is the original website being shut down?
No — we’re continuing to maintain the original website and have no plans to shut it down. But we intend to focus our efforts on improving the new website to make it the best version of Simply Safe Dividends.


Will my membership terms change?
No — whether you upgrade or not, the price you paid will remain the same as long as you wish to remain a member. It’s 100% free to upgrade.