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Oxy’s Dividend Safety Score Downgraded to Borderline Safe on Unexpected Capex Reduction

Occidental Petroleum (OXY) reported earnings on November 4, and beleaguered CEO Vicki Hollub kept trying to say all the right things: Oxy's investments will generate 10+% returns at $40 per barrel oilAnadarko cost synergies are on track Protecting Oxy's dividend is still the top priorityThe firm's $10 billion to $15 billion divestiture goal will be reached soonOxy set numerous new production records Management even used the word "excited" nine times on Oxy's conference call, but investors have been much less enthusiastic, sending Oxy's stock falling about 10% over the last two days. (For the sake of comparison, Exxon and Chevron combined to state they were "excited" just once on their latest earnings calls.)

November 6th, 2019|

AT&T’s Dividend Safety Score Upgraded to Safe on Deleveraging Progress, New Three-Year Guidance

AT&T (T) reported third-quarter results on Monday and provided a three-year capital allocation framework for its business. The company continues making progress paying down debt, underlying business fundamentals remain solid, and management plans to allocate capital more conservatively going forward, including a commitment to avoid big acquisitions. As a result of the firm's improving risk profile, we are upgrading AT&T's Dividend Safety Score to Safe from BorderlineSafe. AT&T investors have faced their fair share of uncertainty in recent years. The firm's major acquisitions of DirecTV in 2015 and Time Warner in 2018 left AT&T with an elevated leverage profile, a debatable growth strategy, and little margin for error.

October 29th, 2019|

Ventas Falls on Weak Senior Housing Outlook but the Dividend Continues to Look Safe

Shares of Ventas (VTR) tumbled nearly 10% on Friday in an uncharacteristic move for this healthcare REIT known for its stability. Ventas' third-quarter earnings report was the driver. Management cited "unprecedented" weakness in the senior housing market, which drives just over half of the firm's net operating income (NOI). The firm's senior housing operating properties (SHOP), where Ventas partners up to run its own properties rather than lease them out as a landlord, generated 33% of the firm's NOI in 2019. SHOP's same-store NOI fell 5% last quarter.

October 28th, 2019|

Save 30% by upgrading to the new Simply Safe Dividends

Last year, we launched an all-new version of Simply Safe Dividends that's 100% free to upgrade to (no price hike, additional fees, etc). The new website improves upon virtually every aspect of the original site and adds ground-breaking new features to our service.For example, the new website's portfolio-monitoring tool adds import and export capabilities, locked table headers, customizable columns, realtime price updates, brokerage account syncing, dividend alert notifications, and more.We've also been investing a lot in our Dividend Safety Score system, and subscribers of the new website will now receive a notification anytime a score changes in their portfolio. That way you're never in the dark about why a score was upgraded or downgraded.There's lots more that's new and improved, [...]

October 25th, 2019|
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