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Target (TGT): A Dividend Aristocrat Yielding 3% With 20% Dividend Growth

It’s not too often that you find a dividend aristocrat with a 3% dividend yield and 20% annual dividend growth over the past decade.   Target (TGT) just so happens to be one of these stocks. The company has been in business for more than 100 years and will likely be around for the next [...]

Colgate (CL): 120 Years of Uninterrupted Dividends

Colgate (CL) has been one of the most successful dividend growth stocks over the last few decades and is one we are watching closely for our Top 20 Dividend Stocks portfolio.   Like many other consumer staples businesses, CL benefits from strong brands, dominant market share positions, and financial strength to invest heavily in new [...]

December 7th, 2015|Dividend Aristocrats, Dividend Stocks, High Safety|

10 Dividend Aristocrats With Dividend Yields Greater Than 3%

Dividend aristocrats are companies in the S&P 500 Index that have managed to raise their dividend payments for at least the last 25 consecutive years. We identified 10 of these high quality companies that offer investors a starting dividend yield of 3%. Some have paid dividends for more than 100 years!   Not surprisingly, dividend [...]

December 3rd, 2015|Dividend Aristocrats, High Safety|

General Mills (GIS): A High Quality Dividend Stock Changing With the Times

The branded food manufacturing industry is experiencing meaningful change as consumers’ health consciousness and eating habits evolve, impacting all of the major players including General Mills (GIS).   Several of GIS’s major product categories, such as cereal, have seen growth decline in recent years, weighing on the stock’s performance. Like many of its peers, GIS [...]

December 2nd, 2015|Dividend Stocks, High Safety|

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM): A Dividend Aristocrat Yielding 3%

ADM’s stock sits near its 52-week low price and yields 3.1% after falling by more than 30% over the past year. Whenever we see dividend aristocrats such as ADM in these situations, we get excited – perhaps an excellent business is now on sale for long-term investors.   After all, ADM has been around for [...]

November 27th, 2015|Dividend Aristocrats, Dividend Stocks, High Safety|

International Flavors (IFF): Your Everyday Dividend Growth Stock

You probably use several products every day that are touched by IFF. The company has a presence in thousands of consumer products, yet it has largely flown under the radar operating in the chemicals industry. We like boring, durable businesses that can predictably pay us more income every year, and IFF certainly checks these boxes. [...]

November 20th, 2015|Dividend Stocks, High Growth, High Safety|

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ): 3% Dividend Yield and Predictable Income Growth for Retirees

JNJ reported Q3 earnings last month. Currency headwinds hurt reported sales growth by about 8%, and the expected run off of hepatitis C products added additional pressure. Excluding these two items, JNJ’s revenue would have grown by 5.6%, in line with last quarter’s adjusted growth and not bad for a company with over $70 billion [...]

Procter & Gamble (PG): Organic Growth Ahead…Maybe?

P&G’s earnings report was well received by the market last week. Currency-neutral earnings per share grew 12%, margins expanded nicely, and management’s expectations for improving organic sales growth trends were reaffirmed. After analyzing the report, we are happy to keep P&G in our Conservative Retirees dividend portfolio. However, many investors remain concerned about underlying volume trends [...]

October 27th, 2015|Dividend Aristocrats, Dividend Stocks, High Safety|

Walmart (WMT): Profits Collapse, 3.3% Yield – What Now?

At Simply Safe Dividends, we love nothing more than to find an easy-to-understand, time-tested, high quality dividend grower trading at a reasonable valuation. Not surprisingly, we frequently review our list of all 52 dividend aristocrats to hunt for companies that have demonstrated great consistency. During our review, we look for businesses with strong competitive advantages that protect [...]

October 22nd, 2015|Dividend Aristocrats, Dividend Stocks, High Safety|

Omnicom (OMC) – A Dominant Dividend Payer

Rapid growth in digital advertising is sending ripples throughout the marketing landscape. This year has seen an unprecedented level of media reviews by some of the biggest advertisers in the world as they seek to optimize their marketing spend and partner with the most tech-savvy advertising agencies. Not surprisingly, the dominant advertising agencies are scrambling [...]

October 1st, 2015|Dividend Stocks, High Growth, High Safety|

T. Rowe Price (TROW) – A Dividend Aristocrat with Room to Run

TROW has raised its dividend each year for more than 25 consecutive years, qualifying it as one of the 52 dividend aristocrats. The stock has sold off with the market over the last six months, shedding more than 10%. While the stock is sensitive to the market's near-term gyrations, TROW's dividend is extremely safe and [...]

September 30th, 2015|Dividend Stocks, High Growth, High Safety|

Boeing’s (BA) Dividend Growth Continues Flying High

Building a large commercial jet is an unbelievable undertaking. While jet orders ebb and flow with the health of the global economy, we believe the long-term demand trajectory is up and to the right, and the jet industry’s competitive dynamics will ensure Boeing (BA) remains a key player in the market for decades to come. [...]

September 29th, 2015|Dividend Stocks, High Growth, High Safety|

Be Realistic About McDonald’s Future Dividend Growth

Investors were excited by MCD’s recent announcement that it would start selling all-day breakfast beginning next month. The stock finished up nearly 3%, outpacing the market (+1.8%) and its peers (+1%). We are less confident that all-day breakfast will reverse declining domestic store sales and keep MCD out of our Top 20 Dividend Stocks list [...]

September 3rd, 2015|High Safety|

Top 5 Dividend Stocks Owned by Warren Buffett

At the end of June 2015, Warren Buffett owned nearly $120 billion worth of equities and more than 80 businesses. Buffett’s investment success is largely derived from his exceptional ability to combine common sense valuation principles with impeccable business judgment. Once he finds a company he believes will continue earning reasonably high returns on capital and [...]

September 2nd, 2015|High Safety|

What Shrinking Tobacco Demand Means for MO’s Dividend

As long-term dividend investors, we are primarily concerned with finding sources of safe, predictable, and growing income. We do not hold ourselves up nearly high enough to judge what is morally or ethically right or wrong, as practically every company has plenty of issues (both visible and hidden) that could be picked on – the [...]

August 31st, 2015|High Safety|