Last year, we launched an all-new version of Simply Safe Dividends that’s 100% free to upgrade to (no price hike, additional fees, etc). The new website improves upon virtually every aspect of the original site and adds ground-breaking new features to our service.

For example, the new website’s portfolio-monitoring tool adds import and export capabilities, locked table headers, customizable columns, realtime price updates, brokerage account syncing, dividend alert notifications, and more.

We’ve also been investing a lot in our Dividend Safety Score system, and subscribers of the new website will now receive a notification anytime a score changes in their portfolio. That way you’re never in the dark about why a score was upgraded or downgraded.

There’s lots more that’s new and improved, too. Taken together, the improvements aren’t just incremental — they truly take the experience of dividend investing to a new level by making building and monitoring a dividend portfolio more fun and less stressful.

Perhaps best of all, we’re happy to offer a 30% discount on your next renewal if you decide to upgrade. We know trying new stuff isn’t everyone’s jam, so we want to encourage you to give the new website a look. There’s a good chance you’ll love the new version (nearly 90% of customers that’ve tried the new website have upgraded).

Click here to create an account on the new version.

When you create an account, the system will recognize you as a current customer and your portfolios will be automatically copied over. You’ll also be given a 30-day window to try the new website, and you’ll continue to have access to the original version during that time.

If you’ve tried the new version in the past, we went ahead and restarted your 30-day preview (log in here). We’d encourage you to give the website another look as we’ve made a number of major improvements in recent months. (Reach out if anything looks off with your portfolio, which may need to be copied over again.)

Still not convinced to give the new website a try? Here’s a more thorough breakdown of the new features you’ll find on the website:

Dividend Safety Alerts. If one of your holding’s Dividend Safety Score is upgraded or downgraded, you’ll receive a notification along with our rationale for the change so you’re never left scratching your head over a score change.

Dividend Alerts. Get notified when your holdings announce dividend increases (or cuts). It’s really gratifying to see the power of dividend growth investing in action!

Monthly Recap. Receive a monthly email summarizing everything important that’s happened within your portfolio (income changes, score changes, research updates).

Complete security coverage.  The new site covers cash, mutual funds, ETFs, preferred stocks, non-dividend stocks, and OTC stocks so you can see your entire portfolio in one place. New securities are added as soon as they begin trading.

Valuation charts. See a company’s dividend yield history and gauge the company’s current valuation with our new Timeliness metric.

Spreadsheet imports. Quickly update your portfolio by uploading a spreadsheet, or analyze a long watch list in a split second.

Brokerage account syncing. You now have the option to connect your brokerage account so your holdings sync automatically each day. Nice option if you reinvest dividends or otherwise have a lot of transactions in your accounts.

Realtime price updates. Stock prices and price-related information (dividend yields, P/E ratios, gains/losses, etc) update in near realtime during the day. There’s no longer any need to check other sources for up-to-date information.

Portfolio reports. Six out-of-the-box reports help you track your dividend income, monitor dividend risk, assess valuation, analyze diversification, and more.

Mobile friendly. The website works seamlessly on your tablet, smartphone, or any mobile device. Just log into your account using your device’s web browser.

There’s more on the way, too. We’re constantly working on improvements to make dividend investing more approachable and less taxing on emotions.

We hope you’ll join us for the ride.

As always, let us know if you have any questions.

Brian & Matt
Co-Founders, Simply Safe Dividends

*** Frequently Asked Questions ***

What’s the cost to upgrade?
It’s 100% free to upgrade! Your subscription will simply transfer over, and we’ll apply a 30% discount to your next renewal.

Can I keep both versions?
No — an upgrade is a switch to the new website. We incur costs to run both websites, so a subscription can cover only one of the two versions.

Is the original website being shut down?
We’re continuing to maintain the original website and have no plans to discontinue it. However, all of our energy is being spent on improving the new version.