Over 4,000 dividend-paying stocks are at your fingertips. With more than 40 fundamental metrics to screen on, you can find your next idea in seconds.

While most metrics are self-explanatory, the dividend Safety, Growth, and Yield scores are proprietary to Simply Safe Dividends. Scores are out of 100, with 50 being average, 75 or higher being very good, and 25 or less being weak.

How to Use the Dividend Stock Screener

The grey box above contains 40+ criteria you can screen on for dividend stocks. Fill out as many criteria as you would like, making sure to input both “from” and “to” values. Below the grey box, you will see the results of your screen. You don’t have to push any buttons to load the screener’s results. Just scroll down.

The results table above filters automatically as you enter criteria in the grey box. This is nice because you can quickly see how many dividend stocks match your search criteria in real-time. The screener’s database contains over 2,700 dividend stocks!

Once you have narrowed down your search to a list of dividend stocks, you can click on any of the blue-colored ticker symbols in the results table to open up 25+ years of dividend history, 10+ years of fundamental data, and more in the Stock Analyzer for that company.

Find Better Ideas with Our Proprietary Ratings

Our Safety Score, Growth Score, and Yield Score were designed to help answer three critical questions faced by all dividend investors:

Each score represents a stock’s percentile rank for that category. In other words, a score of 3 means the stock scored in the bottom 3% of all dividend stocks for that metric. A score of 94 means the stock is ranked higher than 94% of all dividend stocks for that metric. A score of 50 is right in the middle – half of the other dividend stocks scored higher than that stock, and half scored below that stock.

Scores of 100 are most desirable across each category. However, a score of 50 should not be interpreted as “bad.” It just means that the stock scored in the middle of the pack (or average) for that category.

Our Safety Score and Growth Score analyze over 20 fundamental metrics, covering both near-term and long-term trends going back 10+ years. From credit metrics to free cash flow generation, we assess the most meaningful factors that influence a company’s ability to continue paying and growing its dividend. See the full list of factors we analyze here.

Our Yield Score compares a stock’s dividend yield to the current yield of other 2,700+ dividend stocks in our database. A Yield Score of 50 means that the stock’s dividend yield ranks right in the middle of all of the other dividend yields. The Yield Score provides a helpful and objective relative valuation metric.

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