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Big news: An all-new Simply Safe Dividends available today!

Have you ever wanted to receive email alerts when your holdings change their dividends, see a company’s dividend yield history, track mutual funds in your portfolio, export your portfolio to a spreadsheet, or have table headers lock at the top of your screen?


We’ve spent the last 18 months building, testing, and improving an all-new version of Simply Safe Dividends that makes all of those things possible and much more. Today you can begin using it!


But first, this is not an upsell announcement or anything like that. Upgrading to the new site is completely free, and there is no obligation to switch. We will continue maintaining the original site you’ve been using in case you do not want to upgrade.


With that said, the new site will save you time managing your portfolio, help you make even better informed investment decisions, and keep the most timely information in front of you.


I have personally experienced all of those benefits, and the vast majority of customers who’ve tried the new version have said it’s a big improvement over the original website.


You can begin using the new site by registering for a trial account here: https://2.simplysafedividends.com/signup


The new version of Simply Safe Dividends is already being used by hundreds of income investors, and I am excited for you to consider upgrading your dividend investing experience as well. We plan to continue improving the new site for many years to come.


In case it’s helpful, I recorded a video that reviews the new website’s powerful capabilities here: https://youtu.be/MLyKxU_8JbM


After signing up for a trial, your portfolios from the original site will automatically be imported over. That way you can jump right in to exploring the new features.


Registering will give you access to the new site for a month so you can decide which version of Simply Safe Dividends you would like to use going forward (an upgrade is a switch, so you’ll have to choose between one of the two versions). We are always happy to extend your trial period if you would like more time.


I included some additional information about the new site at the bottom of this email, and more details will be provided if you decide to register for a trial.


We could not have made this big leap forward without your continued support of Simply Safe Dividends. I am very grateful for your business and hope you enjoy the new website!


Thank you,


Brian Bollinger, CPA
Simply Safe Dividends




What’s Not Changing

Why You Should Try the New Website
Here are some of the major improvements you’ll enjoy:

You can register for a trial account here: https://2.simplysafedividends.com/signup